Living Choice

Living Choice Programme

The Living Choice Programme is our signature programme. This programme is for people who want to create resourcefulness in how they live life. Living Choice does not address a specific issue, but rather looks at how you are being throughout life and helps you to create a resourceful version of you that can respond to life in a way that creates useful outcomes and achieves results. 

This program consists of:

– 3 x 75 min conversations
– 9 x 10 min telephone chats
– up to 240 min email support
– 1 x 45 min end of programme debriefing call

If you would  like to discuss this programme further, please book a free call..

At the end of this programme, you will have been given the support and tools to help you respond to situations from a place of resourcefulness, enabling you to create the future you want to create.

Finding Choice is currently charged at $AUD3,375 ex-GST.

At the moment, Leading and Being is not registered for Australian GST, which means GST is not currently charged. This will change in future, in accordance with the appropriate Australian Taxation Laws.

If you would like to book a Living Choice programme, please use the button below. The programme will only commence once it is paid for and a signed coaching agreement has been received. You may cancel up to 12 hours prior to the conversation and receive 100% of your money back.

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