Finding Choice

Finding Choice Programme

Often when our interactions don’t go as expected, it is because we don’t have choice available to us as a possibility. Rather, we move through life, responding automatically to situations, not noticing the choices these autmatic responses are making on our behalf.

Through our “Finding Choice” program, I can help you to see choice as a possibility in your interactions with others. 

This program consists of:

– 3 x 75 min conversations
– 2 x 10 min telephone chats
– up to 45 min email support
– 1 x 30 min end of programme debriefing call

By default this programme will be a three-session coaching programme. If you would like to work together to design a programme more suitable to your needs, book a free call so we can discuss and plan prior to our first session.

This programme is aimed to be a more general resourcefulness developing programme than the single session coaching, which is focused on a single specific issue. We will work together to help you create a more sustainable approach to your interactions with others, enabling you to choose how you resoucefully respond to the challenges of everyday life.

Finding Choice is currently charged at $AUD625 ex-GST.

At the moment, Leading and Being is not registered for Australian GST, which means GST is not currently charged. This will change in future, in accordance with the appropriate Australian Taxation Laws.

If you would like to book a Finding Choice programme, please use the button below. The programme will only commence once it is paid for and a signed coaching agreement has been received. You may cancel up to 12 hours prior to the conversation and receive 100% of your money back.

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