1:1 Coaching

The majority of my coaching is online via videoconferencing, however I am open to in-person coaching if you are located in Canberra, Australia and covid regulations allow.

With this package, you are free to pay as you go, which means you can have one conversation or many conversations. It is totally up to you. Generally, you will have a specific topic you want to discuss and we will address that in an individual conversation.

The approach that I use is the ontological approach, which means I look at what is happening in your way of being – what is happening in your thought and words and moods and emotions, and the way in which you hold all of the above in your body. The idea is that our way of being is what allows us to generate our actions and behaviours. If we want to shift our actions and behaviours, we first lok at shifting our underlying way of being.

Our 1:1 coaching is purchased as single sessions, usually to address a specific challenge. This offer includes:

– 1 x 60 min coaching conversation
– 15 mins email support

1:1 coaching is charged at $AUD180 per 60 minute session ex-GST.

At the moment, Leading and Being is not registered for Australian GST, which means GST is not currently charged. This will change in future, in accordance with the appropriate Australian Taxation Laws.

If you would like to book a 1:1 coaching conversation, please use the button below. A coaching conversation will only occur once the conversation is paid for and a signed coaching agreement has been received. You may cancel up to 12 hours prior to the conversation and receive 100% of your money back.

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