Moods and Emotions in the Workplace

Person in business suit and white shirt, visible from just below the neck to the waist, holding up a yellow circle with a black sad face on it, like a sad emoji.

Recently, I have been reflecting on moods and emotions in the workplace. It has been interesting to view the conversations and interactions at work from a place of curiosity about the moods from which people may be operating, and I feel as though doing so has significantly helped my learning and growth. What has occurred […]

Extraordinary Leadership

A hand holding a compass while looking out over blue-green lake, surrounded by mountains and cliffs, with mountains and sky, including clouds, reflecting in the water.

When we think of great leadership, we tend to think of qualities such as compassion, flexibility, understanding, honesty, trustworthiness, fairness, respect, integrity, trust in others, strength, and so the list goes on. But is great leadership really about possessing all of these qualities? Can one person be all of the above? What makes an extraordinary […]