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When Life Hits the Reset Button

At a rate of knots, COVID-19 is introducing us to new ways of thinking and being. As a society, we were prepared for neither the journey nor the rapid rate at which we are being required to adapt, as we continue along a path that we didn’t choose to be on.

We are now seeing countries being forced to make ethical and moral choices that many of us never expected to see on such a large scale.

What is Emotional Literacy?

What is emotional literacy?

To answer this question, let’s first look at what is meant by literacy.

When we have literacy in a particular language, we are able to use that language in a way that serves us. We are free to choose the words and grammatical distinctions of that language to read and write in a way that helps us to participate and communicate in the world.

One Way to a Stronger Organisational Culture

What is organisational culture? I decided to ask wikipedia:

Organizational culture encompasses values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of a business. The organizational culture influences the way people interact, the context within which knowledge is created, the resistance they will have towards certain changes,

Requests at Work

I have previously been offered an interpretation that a large number of offers being made in an organisation suggests a healthy, functioning organisation. In my mind, this makes sense. People make offers to assist someone else in taking care of something, and I think that people are less inclined to want to help others if their own needs are not being met or are at risk of not being met.


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