About Me

Photo of Deanne Duncombe from Leading and Being. Deanne writes and delivers self leadership programs.

My Name is Deanne...

....blogger, course developer, coach, facilitator. Helping you seek, create and live possibility so that you can move forward in creating the life you would like - whatever that might be.

Years ago, I was struggling with self-doubt. That self-doubt froze me and prevented me from moving forward in my life. I wanted a career change, but self-doubt prevented me from taking action. I wanted constructive relationships at work where I could feel as though I was really adding value, but self-doubt got in my way. Self-doubt led me to often not being able to stand up for myself. I felt walked on because I couldn’t step into my own authority and lead my own way through life. I couldn’t make decisions for fear of “getting it wrong”. I had found ways of dealing with it, but I wanted more from life.

I enrolled in and completed a program similar to the programs that I am offering. My perspective of life shifted. My perspective of me shifted. This helped me to see what was possible in my life. I realised that I was capable of whatever I allowed myself to be capable of. I then became a qualified coach, and started helping others to see life differently. Now, I offer programs to help you achieve what it is that you want in life. Whether it is a change in direction, a different approach, or more useful interactions with others, I am committed to walking alongside you, through my programs, to help you be what it is that you want to be.

Deanne Duncombe