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My name is Deanne – Mum, wife, daughter, sister, friend, IT manager, coach and facilitator.

I was a master of self-doubt, having that incredible ability to identify failure in any success. The feeling of never being enough was very familiar; that feeling of being an imposter. For so many years, I thought that this was just a part of who I was. I looked at it as something that I had to deal with, in much the same way that I deal with my straight, thick hair, or my easily sunburnt fair skin. It was all just part of being me.

And then one day I started a brand new leadership role in an organisation that was new to me. That was when everything started to become unstuck. My self-doubt went crazy when I discovered that my new job wasn’t what I had expected. The role that I had accepted turned out to be different to the role that I was given when I turned up to my new place of work. Because of the confusion around which role would be mine, there was no handover and so, in my first week, I found myself having to make decisions around staffing numbers with no history, no plan and no understanding of past, present or future direction. And this was expected from a perfectionistic self-doubter with straight, thick hair, sun-opposing skin, and an ingrained fear of failure.

Eventually, my self-doubt became unmanageable. As failure appeared to become a larger part of my reality, I realised that I wasn’t coping. I declared that it was time to make some changes, and that I would find a coach to help me with those changes.

This declaration started an amazing journey, a journey in which  I was able to turn my life around. As I came to see the world as a place of great learning, rather than a place of failure waiting to happen, I became more confident. I found a strength within myself that I didn’t even know that I had. (This is the funny thing with life’s obstacles – we have it within our selves to deal with them, and sometimes we just need a little bit of help to uncover that ability because we can’t see it).

I went on to manage teams to get the results that I was after, and I learned how to interact with people – at work and in everyday life – in ways that produced amazing, positive  results. I no longer worried so much about the little stuff.

From there, I decided that I wanted to give something back to the world that was as great as what the world had given me and so I achieved a coaching qualification. And, from there, I created “Leading and Being”, where I assist others through my “Be. Do. Learn.” approach to becoming a more resourceful version of themselves.

My coaching specialties are career, leadership and life. Perhaps work is not how you would like it to be at the moment. Perhaps you are experiencing some difficulties in working in some situations, or working with some people. Maybe, in your leadership role, you aren’t sure of how to manage some people or situations. Maybe you would like some help in planning your career, or developing your self-confidence, or overcoming self-doubt. I get it, and I want to help.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with you. The Leading and Being “Be. Do. Learn.” system provides an approach with the flexibility to individualise in a way that helps you to grow into a more resourceful you whatever your concern may be..

Well done on taking a first step and finding your way to Leading and Being. If you are interested in learning how to uncover what is within you to become a more resourceful version of you, then I invite you to contact me. We can arrange a free 20 minute conversation where we can talk about how we might work together.


I have completed Graduate Diploma of Ontological Coaching, which is an International Coach Federation Approved Coach Training Program offered by the Newfield Institute (Australia). I am also a member of the International Coach Federation.


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