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Photo of Deanne Duncombe from Leading and Being. Deanne writes and delivers self leadership programs.

Sometimes, navigating everyday life seems …

Sometimes, navigating everyday life seems challenging. We feel as though we are in a rut. Nothing we do seems to make a difference. And it isn’t always our fault – other people can appear so difficult.

Things seem challenging. We feel as though we should do more. But we can’t. We can only see what doesn’t seem to be working for us. We don’t see what is possible.

My name is Deanne… and I help people navigate the challenges of everyday life. I help you to see the possibiltiy of choice, and I do this by using my Be. Do. Learn. approach.

Through my programs, you can find a way to navigate the everyday life challenges that seem impossible. I will help you. Together we can Help you find choice in your everyday life.

I will help you to become curious about and implement what is possible so that the everyday life challenges you face seem like possibilities rather than obstacles.

How We Can Work Together…

1:1 Coaching

Perhaps you have a single challenge you would like to work through. Perhaps you don’t want to commit to more than one session at a time. Let’s work together through one-one-one coaching.
– One 60 min conversation
– 15 mins email support

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Finding Choice

Don’t let your conversations lead you. Instead, choose how you respond. I will help you create choice in your everyday interactions.
– 3 x 75 min conversations
– 2 x 10 min telephone chats
– Up to 45 mins of email support
– 1 x 30 min end of programme debriefing conversation

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Living Choice

Learn to interact more resourcefully with others in life. Respond resourcefully in your everyday interactions with others. Choose how you respond. Live from a place of choice.
– 15 x 75 min conversations
– 9 x 10 min telephone chats
– up to 240 mins email suport
– 1 x 45 min end of programme debriefing conversation

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Ask me about my training, facilitation and public speaking

I am able to create training – online or in person – for groups and individuals. I am also available for workshop facilitation, training and public speakng. If you are interested in any of these items, please contact me.

Coming Soon!

Book Release in Late 2022

“What if Life Came with a Manual? How to stop suffering and start living” coming in late 2022.