What if Life Came WIth a User Guide?

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In What if Life Came with a User Guide? you will be taken on an eye-opening journey of self-discovery and awareness. 

Through an exploration of the impact that our language – including the stories we tell ourselves – moods and emotions, and physical body have on our everyday interactions, you will be introduced to fresh new perspectives that will help you to see that we all have the power within to be resourceful and resilient when interacting with ourselves, others and the world around us, no matter what life throws our way.

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navigating Everyday Life

With self-awareness comes the possibility of a new perspective and choice.

We all face challenges as we navigate our way through everyday life. Sometimes, we beat the challenges, and sometimes it feels as though they are beating us.

Leading and Being came about through a desire to help people find new ways for navigating those challenges that pop up in everyday life. 

Through the explanation of Way of Being – the combination of our language (including our stories), moods and emotions, and our body – we help you understand what sits behind your actions and behaviours and what might bring about different actions. We also work with you to explore new perspectives to help you handle the challenges of everyday life from a place of resourcefulness.

Our Services

What Leading and Being Offers


1:1 Coaching via video available outside of Australian business hours, for those who are busy during the day.


Training programmes available for individuals and groups.


Why not ask us to facilitate your group development session? Customisable to your needs.

Who is Leading and Being?

Hi! I am Deanne...


I am an IT professional. Almost a decade ago, I had an experience at work that was, for me, quite challenging. Things I had been kind of managing for years, like self doubt, low self-esteem and so forth, were really getting in my way and, as much as I tried, I really wasn’t doing so well at work. It was obvious that something needed to change.

So, I took action. I found a coach and embarked on a 2-year coaching journey where I learnt a lot about how I was seeing and responding to life vs how I wanted to see and respond to life. I had so much fun that I enrolled in the 18-month Ontological Coaching Programme that my coach had completed. 

And that was where I had a minor epiphany…

It occurred to me that we are all doing our best to navigate the things that pop up everyday. Sometimes we master it, and sometimes we don’t. Often, our past learning about life has us living to rules that make it difficult for us to look at things differently. So, I created Leading and Being with a view of helping people to develop different perspectives and new ways of navigating the challenges of everyday life. 

I offer most of my programmes after 5pm AEST, and on weekends because I want to cater to those who would like help navigating the challenges of everyday life, but don’t have time during business hours.